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At DreamTel, we believe in providing the end users with technology integrated with expertise and a mission to create smart IOTs. Our automation and control solutions for buildings and homes let people control entire environment simply by the push of a button. The systems are loaded with various features such as light control, light intensity control, security, temperature and humidity sensing along with motion and contact sensing as well through IR transmitters to provide greater comfort, expediency and safety. The products designed are built to work together as an absolute system, enabling the end users to scrutinize, administer, and control everything from a single platform. From being in business for more than a decade, we have thrived to set ourselves apart from other home automation businesses.

Smart Homes Concept in India is flourishing and we are becoming the prominent technological support for building smart city in many areas domestically, our vision is to enable everyone to truly sense the world for which we design various sensors available all over the globe.

We are here to help you build a smart home so that it can make a difference in your life. We define a complete smart home as one that has the heating/air conditioning, lighting, secure access control, telephone, entertainment, irrigation and security systems connected to a tab/smart phone with an eveready wireless connection and software that enables the operation of all systems using a tab/smart phone. The smart gadget is programmed to automatically operate some systems by time or events or manually as desired.

Over the years, our technology has evolved and our company has grown, but our goal remains the same. We think energy management at home should save you money, not cost you money. Hence, we have come up with a technology that can help the owner control and monitor his home from any location in the world merely by having an authorized access. That way you not only save money on your utilities, but you can also do good for the environment, increase your home safety, and get the peace of mind that you deserve. With Dreamtel home automation, you really control everything the way it should be controlled and we’ll always be right behind you.

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