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Can I recharge my account any time ?

Yes, you can recharge your account 24 hours a day 7 days a week. When you are ready, you can top-up your account online, or by contacting our customer services.

Will my wireless airtime be used when I place a call using my DreamTel Pin less/Pin based dialing account?

Yes, you will be using your wireless airtime when you use your account, but why not call during your free nights and weekends! For the international portion of your call made on our network, you will be charged our great international rates and you will save more than 95%!

Are there any monthly charges?

There are no monthly charges.

Will my DreamTel Pin less/Pin based dialing account expire?

As long as you recharge your account at least once every 120 days, your account will not expire. Account will expire if you do not recharge with in 120 days from the date of purchase or 120 days from last recharge. You need to pay connection charges after 1 year in case of DreamTel to DreamTel phone.

Will the rates be same 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Yes, you get the same low rates no matter when you call.

Why some countries have higher mobile rate?

In some countries mobile users do not pay to receive a call on their mobile phone. This is known as calling party pays. Mobile carriers therefore charge more to the calling party to connect the call.

Can I get the similar rates calling from my home phone?

Yes, we provide you an access number, also called as DID number to dial from your home phone. But you need to register home phone to your DreamTel Pin less/Pin based dialing account.

How quickly can I use the service after registration?

Once the registration is successful, account is ready to use.

Is it safe to purchase your services over the Internet?

DreamTel makes it possible for sensitive data to be safely transmitted over the Internet. The information is encrypted using proprietary and secure sockets layer (SSL) technology.

What are the billing increments?

Calls are billed in one-minute increments.

How do I view my account information on-line?

To view your call records and recharge menus, click on Login and then enter your mobile number as user name and the provided password in password field.

Can I use my mobile phone to make long distance calls using Pin less/Pin based dialing? Will I be charged same rates?

Yes, you can use your mobile phone to make calls using the Pin less/Pin based dialing which is designed to provide long distance services for mobile users. The charge remains the same as published for long distance services in our website. You can have a list of access number also called DID numbers from our website.

Do I need to take any precautions while using my mobile ? If so what?

While making calls using our DreamTel service, when our system prompts to enter destination phone number, enter the number and after entering the number do not press the call or dial button in your mobile phone. This will disconnect the already connected call and use the mobile providers long distance service, if you have the option. Please note that our system doesn't prompt to press any button after the destination number. Kindly directly dial your country code without adding + or 00 numbers.

How can I make calls easily, using my mobile phone number?

You can store our access number in phonebook memory. Call the number and listen the system prompt to enter the destination number and enter the numbers. Press the # key to make the dialing process faster. Do not press the call or dial button after the number as this will disconnect the call and connects your local provider's long distance service which may be expensive.

Other Questions?

If you have any questions, please call our Customer Care (US) at 8455704991 and Customer Care (Canada) at 4164772149, 24hours a day, 7 days a week.


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