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This is a superb service that caters to the segment which is very mobile at international level. To save international roaming charges, you can have ‘MY GLOBAL NUMBER’ from DreamTel, which is your number of destination* of your choice.  You can forward the calls on this number to any other international number, of the location where you are travelling at present. So, you remain in contact with your peer/ circle by spending a very nominal cost.  

For example you can get MY GLOBAL NUMBER for US while living anywhere in the world and receive calls just like you are in US.


Buy one “My Global Number” from DreamTel
Creating Account with DreamTel

An account is created where you can forward the call from this number to any other international number, where you are present and enjoy roaming in the world at such a nominal charge.


  • Very low international roaming cost
  • Fast dialing
  • Smooth customer service
  • Crystal clear connections
  • View call details online
  • Services are available in any country in the world


This feature of DreamTel allows you to stay connected with any person through a number which is local to his/ her destination while sitting at any place in the world.

*Your calling destinations will include all the destinations that you register while taking up this service.


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